Vantage Point

 Remainder (Green House, NSW)Restraint (Medfield State Hospital)Itsy Bitsy Spider (Bancroft Building)Fragments (Natick, MA)Progress road (Hopedale, MA)Reflection ( Medfield State Hospital)Bittersweet ( Elm Bank, Wellesley MA)Remembrance (Summer Palace, Beijing)Refresh (Beijing)Refraction (Beijing)Restructure (New South Wales, Australia)Natick High School (demolished, 2012)Broken WIndow, Metal Pipe, (Draper Mill, Hopedale MA)


The photographs in this series have been taken all over the world- Australia, China, around the corner-which is curious, because geography is not central here. What is pivotal, what makes me make the photograph, is the ‘hey, wait a minute’ second look– vantage point is often unclear; multiple perspectives and layers compete for attention, The eye is attracted by color and shape, the brain sticks around because something’s incongruous, not easily digested.